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SSG not only represents core ideology of the SSG HOLDING GROUP, but also the shape of SSG symbolizes SSG HOLDING GROUP with all cooperation partners “To create the bright and promising future, make joint efforts for prosperity"

The meaning of SSG name

Gloss, sunshine, brilliance,
sparkle, outstanding performance,


stock, undertake, share, common, assign


GREAT Grand, great
GOLD Golden sunshine
GOING the wise aim and direction

GROUP the Group organization with group decision making 

Symbol meaning

The elite team with glitz and glamour, turning into flying wings;
Condensed the strength of SSG HOLDING GROUP waiting for any challenge;
Complement and supplement each other, let us join hands to create brilliant!
The eagle can dance on air and look down to the ground, because they have strong wings and sharp eyes; the powerful wings symbolize the elite team who unite closely and create brilliant.
Always step forward, keep moving.

Strength, resources and spirit is the backing, the shape of shield with modern style symbolize SSG HOLDING GROUP provides the powerful and comprehensive resource backing for the subsidiary under the controlling corporation.
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