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    The prosperous and strong country can’t go further without the excellent enterprises. We are in an era of unprecedented prosperity in human history, our country playing pivotal role in harmony and common prosperity all over the world. Five thousand years of resplendent Chinese civilization, along with the rapid development of economy, China as one of the most influential country rising in the world. The SSG HOLDING GROUP as a member of numerous enterprises in China, since establish the company which is on a mission, we make our every effort to make the company prosperous and create a multi-industry investment and financing platform with global vision.

    Times progress is inseparable from the innovation of enterprise. Currently, China is the acknowledged manufacturing country around the world; we believe that China will become the cultural output power, brand power, and technological innovation power in the future. In our company, we initiate leading by technological innovation, model innovation, industry innovation, with capital and reserve of talents as the strategic backing, shaping the young and progressive corporate culture to stimulate the innovation and vitality of enterprise, strive to foster more high-tech excellent enterprises with low-cost, high-yield, high return, lower energy consumption, high efficiency. At the same time, we hope to through our enterprise to cultivate more innovative talents for the society, makes modest contribution to personnel training and preservation.

  “Businessman striving for method of doing business, merchant seeks for profits. The people who striving for method of doing business, acquiring both the methods and profits. The person who seeks for profits will lose both the methods and profits.” Nowadays, the global economy increasingly prosperous and the internet make the world becoming "flattening". Opportunities and competition is everywhere, who can grasp the trend, and then who will be able to grasp the future. SSG HOLDING GROUP takes “Establish for hundred years, far reaching significance on benefits.” as enterprise mission is order to clear that seeks for profits is subordinate to striving for method of doing business. SSG HOLDING GROUP based on scientific analysis and market research, which is the important prerequisite for making investment decisions, use the experience of a selected spot (unit) to promote the work in the entire area, and with the project bring along the development of industry, using the capital leverage to drive the integration of business model. At the same time, we believe that our success can’t without the support of people from all walks of life. Resource complementation and win-win cooperation is common commercial values for the whole society, SSG HOLDING GROUP receive the concept of investment cooperation "Join us to create the bright and promising future, make joint efforts for prosperity", we are sincerely and extensively cooperation with different governments, research institutions, enterprises and other organizations launching diversified economic investment and cooperation.

    The times is changing, the world is changing, however, the mission and   persistence for SSG HOLDING GROUP is always remaining the same

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